Use cases

Unbelievable, what bonding DSL, UMTS and LTE makes possible

Bonding as a key to many fields of application

Time and again, we are surprised in which fields of application our routers, hubs and services can be used. We already have a lot of imagination concerning what can be done with a Multichannel VPN Router – our customers astonish us yet again. Viprinet has evolved from a supplier of equipment in classic site networking business to a specialist for the integration of stationary and mobile units into corporate networks and the Internet.

To really be able to offer the right solution for every application, Viprinet supports – as sole provider worldwide – the bonding of a wide variety of WAN media, such as DSL, UMTS / 3G, LTE / 4G, cable, satellite and WiMAX, either with native modem (DSL, 3G / UMTS / HSPA +, CDMA, 4G / LTE), or via Ethernet. Only by this diversity – in conjunction with the unique principle of Viprinet bonding – can you complete all WAN connectivity tasks using a single technology. Below, we have compiled the most important WAN application areas – feel free to check whether you can find the WAN networking solution you need. If not, ask our experts – they live to meet challenges.