VPN Produkter

Viprinet Mulitchannel VPN

Bonding WAN connections with different latencies and bandwidths requires elaborated algorithms including the implementation of traffic shaping and Quality-of-Service (QoS). The data packets must be fragmented, partitioned and reassembled. The only technology able to perform that is provided by Viprinet. Another requirement for optimal bonding is flexibility. Unlike any other other provider, Viprinet offers a modular system combining router chassis with intermountable Hot Plug Modules to exactly the WAN connection solution desired. Upcoming communication standards may thus be very easily implemented. More flexibility and guaranteed future are not possible!

Bandwidth too low? Risk of breakdown too high? No sufficient network coverage? Then we have what you need. We are specialists when it comes to WAN connections, and always offer the best solution for you by bonding DSL, UMTS / 3G, satellite, cable, WiMAX and LTE / 4G.

Whether cloud computing, IT virtualization, unified communications or multi-media content: We connect your mobile and stationary devices to your company network or to the Internet.