Criteria of Success

The key to success lies in the concept, vision and implementation!

Ineffective videoconferencing equipment is around in many companies. Why is the promise of increased efficiency and lower travel costs not materialized? The answers are many, but the reason is very simple – it hasn’t been possible to replace a “real meeting”.

Its not enough just to see a pictures and it hasn’t been possible to hear the colleagues clearly enough. A video is just a phone conference with a picture. And the ability to display such as a PowerPoint or Excel in readable quality only emphasizes that the conference is a presentation – not a collaboration, working with documents.

If implementation of video conferencing equipment needs to be successful and meets the expected business case, it is necessary that all meetings can be held just as easily and effectively as if everyone is in the same meeting room. That means a completely new solution that supports all processes, procedures and human behavior.

Read some of the non-technical success criteria that a company must always take into consideration when a new solution acquired or an existing solution needs to be modernized.

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